Hiring a photographer for your event may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it can actually be a valuable investment in creating unforgettable memories. Here are 5 reasons to hire an event photographer. 5 Reasons to hire an event photographer… Overall, hiring a photographer for your event is a great way to ensure that you […]


5 Reasons To Hire an Event Photographer

KPdaGoddess Birthday Photoshoot Experience

Celebrate Your Birthday With A Birthday Photoshoot Experience With Memories by Nat Photography Celebrating your birthday with a unique birthday photoshoot experience is a great way to commemorate the special day and create lasting memories. With a professional photographer, you can capture your personality, style, and interests in beautiful, high-quality photos that you can look […]


Birthday Photoshoot Experience!

The Goddess at Golden Hour Self-Portraits Self-Portraits by Memories by Nat Photography Capturing self-portraits is not for the weak.  The effort necessary to execute a self-portrait shoot requires commitment and dedication. “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,” Benjamin Franklin. It is important to have a plan created with any personal project.  […]


4 Tips to Planning Self-Portraits Session

Self-Portraits Goddess at Golden Hour
Houston Headshot

Houston Headshot Branding Photographer “I own a business, and I know I need to get some photos captured for my business, but I’m not sure if I need headshots or branding photos or what will I do with them?” Headshots and Branding Photos As an entrepreneur you want your potential clients to deem you as […]


Houston Headshot Branding Photographer

Happy New Year from your Houston Photographer, Memories by Nat It’s 2022 and I’m super excited to connect with you and take your pictures! What will we capture this year? If you are still on the fence of booking a photoshoot, let me ask you a question? What’s stopping you from booking? I know what […]


Happy New Year Houston Photographer Memories by Nat

Happy New Year from Houston Photographer Memories by Nat Photography

Memories by Nat Photography participated in capturing photos and videos for The Blosuhm Center first Back to School Spa Day.  Participants were educated and trained on proper skin care, engaged in fun activities, received school supplies and were able to get their hair and nails done. Check out this video highlight… Check out all the […]


The Blosuhm Center- Back to School Spa Day

Styled shoots are an amazing way to learn, grow, and network with other photographers to get creative and have fun without the pressure of having to meet anyone’s expectation.  I love attending styled shoots because this is the opportunity I use to try something new, take my time and pay very close attention to details such […]

Styled Shoots

Tangerine Passion-Wallisville

3 Tips to Slaying your Branding or Casual Headshots   Headshots are images that focus on you as an individual.  They are used for social media, business and dating profiles, websites, brochures and so much more.  First and foremost, if you are considering getting professional headshots taken, kudos to you!  The selfie stick is cool but if you […]


3 Tips to Slaying your Branding or Casual Headshots

The mother of these upcoming Queens decided to do a shoot to encourage them to be whatever they want to be.  “Speak life into your kids and let them know how important education is…”— Tearra Austin The career paths that these ladies choose for their future is defiantly something to be proud of.  Too often our […]


Speaking Life into our Children!

Makeup by @sweetpetitelatrice Models @sweetpetitelatrice & @memoriesbynat The Past and Present of Headwraps   The Past…   Headwraps were worn on (slaves) and helped their owner identify them.   The cultural significance of headwraps signified women whom were married, or signified respect or acceptance to families of certain cultures.   Spiritual significance of the headwrap […]


The Past and Present of Headwraps

I Want To Be Your Photographer!

Creating is what I love to do! Whether you give me a vision or we create one together, I want to be apart of the magic that will take place.  Lets transform that vision into a reality!

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